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WARNING "Beyond Your Expectations" Marketing Campaign.

There is an aggressive marketing campaign "Beyond Your Expectations" to lure unsuspecting vacationers to Mexico and other destinations. The
government and tourism industry is spending millions of dollars to
entice citizens from the U.S. and Canada to select Mexico as a vacation

What is important to know are the facts; tourist deaths in
a variety of tourist destinations are increasing at alarming rates,
you, a family member, or someone you know can DIE due to the lack of
safety and security enforcement.

Also, tourists are "disappearing", and others being kidnapped for ransom. It is essential to empower yourself with truth and facts before selecting a vacation destination outside of the U.S. or Canada. Please refer to the following sites :;;; ;

The goal is to save the lives of others by providing factual and truthful information, by doing so will allow you the opportunity of making informed decisions.

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