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Tuesday my mother-in law had taken off to head to Mexico thinking to start a new life in Yucatan. We spoke while she traveled through the states and the last day, Thursday morning as she was crossing the border was the last anyone had heard from her in days. I knew something wasn't right when she failed to contact us using a international phone card as she said she would. I watched her checking account go further and further down with unexplained charges that didn't make sense which was when I started asking questions and started contacting her friends in Yucatan which none of them were very helpful. In a sense I started getting angry at them because they seemed as if they really didn't care. And told me, I was basically worrying for nothing and how she was fine. I didn't know what to do, started searching her last locations and checked newspapers daily in Mexico online praying something didn't happen. I started then searching missing American' websites and came across this one. Which I am really happy I did. Jeff really came to my rescue and kept me calm. Jeff started giving me suggestions on what I need to do and really, I was clueless. It was the not knowing what is going on scared me the most. Knowing she's out there somewhere and there is nothing I can do to help her.

After sending several emails to her landlord I asked him to please contact me as soon as she shows up or what ever. It was today, was when I got the call. I didn't understand at first the situation because it was quick and done and over with, first he said, She is here, she just showed up. Then he said, something other, I found her, I have to go get her, she was picked up - but fine.. I will have her call you from my phone and hung up. About an hour later she calls, she doesn't seem herself, talking really fast almost out of breath, when I asked her what happen, she said, "I don't want to talk about it" she avoided questions. And asked me, call this person ask them to please send me some money, I don't have any. I told her she had everyone scared, she said, I was scared too. I asked her, are you okay. She said, yes. I am fine. When she went to hang up, she said the most unusual - I love you.

I did recall her mention to someone over the phone, "I don't have my address book". Which she did take that, it had everyone's phone numbers and address's including her Yucatan address to where she would be staying. I also heard something about booking a hotel room, which I didn't understand if she had a house there she rented. She was suppose to be going to her house, that she rented from this landlord. But, he's putting her in a hotel room instead? Can we say, strange.

I am not stupid, I know something is going on. I think she's scared right now about something and she just isn't wanting to say anything about it. But when it was mentioned "she was picked up" that could only mean it was the Mexican police. And for her address book to be gone, and to be staying at a hotel for a day or so. Makes me think she's hiding from someone. Wouldn't you agree? When she calls me again, I will give you all an update on what is going on.

I thank everyone who has been supportive to me.
Thank you,

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