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TV story on JOHN PARKS, US citizen legally living and working in Mexico MISSING

I'm not sure what all to repeat in this blog post.. my MissingInMexico group gives the whole story....


Deb and I spoke with Farrah Fazal of Channel 5 News (an ABC affiliate station) on Monday, 12/20/2010. The report ran Tuesday with a brief teaser at 6, and the full story at 10 p.m. The printed story appears in part at
this URL, the full broadcast version is on the video block to the right
of the story.


It was also suggested that I contact what is called the Border Liaison Officer of my local FBI office, which I did today. Apparently this governmental agency has its own connection into missing US citizens beyond our borders. I never would have thought that, but maybe because Mexico adjoins the US they can do this. They were very open and took as many details as I had to give. I would suggest to everyone else to at least contact your local FBI office and see if there is any help for you also.

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Comment by Carole Moore on October 29, 2011 at 4:20pm

Renee, I would like to feature John, along with Joe Dunsavage in the story I am writing for a magazine aimed at business travelers in foreign countries. I wrote a book called "The Last Place You'd Look: True Stories of Missing Persons and the People Who Search for Them." Any chance I could do a quick email interview with you by early next week? My deadline is fast approaching. My personal email is


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