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KRGV TV in Texas Stays on Top of Missing Persons Cases

KRGV TV in Texas, which yesterday highlighted the plight of John Parks and his family, today raised the profile of the disappearance of Arturo Aviles. KRGV reporter Farrah Fazal is tenaciously working these stories -- as well as the larger story of the struggles that are unique to families who lose loved ones outside their nations' borders. 

Thank you, Farrah, for paying attention to something the national media believe to be below their concern.

For those of you who don't know, John and Arturo disappeared in Matamoros, Mexico around the same time in November. Since KRGV's reporting, The Missing Americans Project has begun learning about similar disappearances -- recent and not-so-recent ones -- that authorities and the media felt little compulsion to report on. Friends and families of the missing have been pressing to raise awareness and action, and it seems to be beginning to work.

On the same pages as the stories of John's and Arturo's disappearances, you can also watch KRGV's reporting on the disappearance of Juan Moreno. Juan's family has not contacted the Missing Americans Project, but if they would like our help I hope they will join.

Both of Farrah's reports have prominently featured our project, and traffic to our site has spiked markedly -- mostly from Texas. Keep up the good work, Farrah. It is truly appreciated!

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Comment by Adriana Aviles Allen on January 8, 2011 at 3:27pm
she is great

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