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I didn't know about this when I put up my earlier post:

"Luca Pagliaro: Dive master from Roatan missing!! who has seen him??

Luca, an italian native, has disappeared in Roatan (Honduras) last week, probably on 16th March 2010, with Mauriliuo Mirabella, owner of a diveshop who has also disapperead.
Everybody who has news about him that are useful to find him are invited to contact me and my mother without hesitation.
Please let me know also when is the last time you have seen him.
Thanks Licia and Francesca or"

This makes 4 men missing from Roatan, starting with Joe Dunsavage a year ago today, and 10 men missing in the region in less than a year (that we know of). When will the media and our governments begin paying attention. If you're on Facebook, please join the group Help Us to Find Luca Pagliaro.

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Comment by Licia Pagliaro on May 11, 2010 at 9:10am
Thanks Jeff! :)

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