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Terry William Graham U.S. citizen missing in Serbia

Sometime in the middle of May, my son Terry William Graham, a 41 yr old U.S. citizen, is reported to have committed suicide in Belgrade, Serbia by jumping into the Danube.  Nothing about the official version of the story makes sense, from the shifting dates on which things are supposed to have happened and changing numbers of eyewitnesses to the fact that the Serbian authorities will not provide photographs of Terry's body or his clothes or even make available the results of the DNA tests that I paid for.

I gave permission for Terry to be cremated under the supervision of the U.S. embassy because I believed the embassy would look after my and Terry's best interests.  I no longer believe this to be the case, and all I am left with are ashes that may not be those of my son's. maybe 1/4 pf Terry's personal clothes and several items that I know do not belong to Terry.  As far as I know, Terry may have been murdered or he could be in a Serbian jail or hospital.  None of my son't toiletries were returned to me.  I received 1 of his 3 phones and there is too much water damage to have it fixed, yet they told me he had Nothing in his pockets when he was found.

I was told the clothes he was found it were destroyed when I asked for them, I thought I could get DNA from them.  They are telling me the autopsy is still not done and won't release reports to me. After 4-5 days in water they tell me he didn't look human, and had no hair, when I asked for a lock of his hair.

In my son's emails there are communications between him and the American embassy, the police harrassed him publicly several times because he is gay.  He stated that he was afraid of the police there, some emails were one week before his dissappearance!

I need help in:

1.  Confirming that this is my son.

2.  Finding out what actually happened to him.

Please help my family find some peace!

PLEASE HELP ME!  Terry's Mother  Barbara Johnson  702-647-4124


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