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Sarai Sierra's Story Ends Sadly; Please Share Prayers & Positive Energy -- Not Idiotic Theories or Judgments -- With The Family

Ever since my brother's disappearance in 2009 -- and throughout the ordeals of every family in the Missing Americans Project -- I have endured and tried to deal in a civilized fashion with the Internet Trolls who think (or think they think) they know or understand something about what happened to the missing loved one. YOU KNOW NOTHING apart from the shreds the media have been able to obtain -- and yet you feel entitled to cast your idoitic theories and judgments out to the four winds, for no reason other than that social media technology allows you to do so. Kindly shut your faces, restrain your fingers, and allow the authorities and the families to arrive at evidence-based conclusions. NO ONE CARES what you think happened or what conclusions you draw from the sparsity of facts you've gathered through the tiny windows the internet opens for you. 

If you have nothing useful or kind to say, then KINDLY SAY NOTHING!

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