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Murders of Tourists Renew Question of Insecurity in Costa Rica

The cold blooded murder of an Argentinian tourist on Thursday in the beaches of Costa Rica has again raised the question of insecurity and safety for tourism in the Central American country, which receives every year more than 2 million visitors. Carolina Silva, 29, who was shot in the head in Playa Samara by two criminals to steal her laptop, is joined by the death of a young American who was shot by a hotel security guard earlier this month, when he tried to sneak in after curfew.

And although Costa Rican authorities are concerned about crime against tourists as it will "tarnish" the image of Costa Rica as a "paradise", as it promises abroad, it is difficult to gauge if there really are doing something or anything about it.

The problem is not a new problem, attacks on tourists has grown since when in 1996 there was recorded the kidnapping of German national Nicola Fleuchas and Swiss national, Susana Sigfried, who were spending the year end in Boca Tapada de San Carlos. Both were abducted by a Nicaraguan "comando" group. The two women were held hostage for a total of 71 days and released after the payment of a ransom. Read full article.

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Comment by mark minges on October 27, 2011 at 9:42am
We have travel in CR for the past 30 years, until their govermont wakes up and takes a stand , its over for us no more  visits!

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