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Please show your support for the family of Kim Paris, a Canadian citizen missing for several weeks in Costa Rica, by joining the Facebook page created by her family and friends. Kim is the fifth person to go missing in Costa Rica since March 2009. Several foreigners also have been murdered there, including last year's murder of John Scibeck of Massachusetts and a 65-year-old U.S. citizen recently shot to death while relaxing on a beach in Puerto Viejo. These disappearances and murders are only the ones that have come to the attention of the Missing Americans Project, and such occurrences are not confined to Costa Rica. Since March of 2009, at least 15 foreigners have disappeared throughout the region.

People disappear and are murdered in many places in the world. The Missing Americans Project is specifically concerned about the limited to non-existent interest in these cases shown by the missing persons' home countries. According to members of Kim's family, the Canadian government is actively pursuing Kim's case. I am happy to hear this, because it is the exception to the experiences reported by most of the families in the Missing Americans Project.

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Comment by Kathy Carpeneti on September 26, 2010 at 2:23pm
We too are missing a family member, last seen in bluefields, Nicaragua, any suggestions you can give to look for him would be appreciated.

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