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Kentucky Man Apparently Abducted in Matamoros, MX

James Stacy was last heard from on Jan. 25 while he was driving near Matamoros, MX, on his way home to Kentucky. He told a friend he was being followed by armed individuals in two white vans. The friend heard a shot fired, then the connection broke. The family was contacted once by his captors, his bank account was drained using his bank card, and, since -- silence. 

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Several MAP families have lost loved ones in or around Matamoros. The Mexican government is of little to no help, the U.S. State Department indifferent. 

The same night Mr. Stacy disappeared, a young American named Harry Devert went missing in or around Michoacan, MX -- not near Matamoros, probably unconnected, but the case has interesting similarities. 

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