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my father left to matamoros november 11 and we havnt heard from him since.

ive contacted us consulate,fbi local police, ive gone to matamoros to do police report and nothing.

we are very desparate and need help on what else we can do.

he was traveling in a 2004 nissan armada with alabama plates.

his friends 4 other men  asked him to take them there because they were illegal and have no credit cards or ids and to take a foreign vehicle into mexico you have to have my dad went and we have confirmed he got a permit.

my dad asked a friend who is a resident of matamors to acompany him so he could bring him back after my dad left the guys to continue their way to michoacan.

friend says the mexican marines where searching the vehicle and let them go but that when he tried to catch up he never saw them again.

when i went to matamoros he told me he saw them drive back into matamoros but never caught up.


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Comment by Samantha Lugo on September 20, 2011 at 4:17pm

My father in law has not been heard from for 2 months. My mother in law told us this past weekend he hasn't been home in two months and has not used his bank account either. He lives here primarily and has a home in Matehuala as well. But has been spending at least 2 weeks a month in Matamoros but then  comes home for 2 weeks. He was last seen and last used his credit card in Matamoros. What can I do that would be helpful? HIs car is also missing. The lady he was visiting there told my MIL that the last time she saw him was when he left with another man to go sell a car.

Comment by Adriana Aviles Allen on January 4, 2011 at 8:35pm
my congressman called me today i hope he can help im so excited hopefully more people call me
Comment by Jeff Dunsavage on December 27, 2010 at 9:23pm
Adriana: so sorry to hear about your Dad. Please provide more information.


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