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Help an Innocent American Get Out of a Nicaraguan Prison

Jason Puracal is an American who's right now fighting for his life in a Nicaraguan prison called La Modela -- known to be one of the world's most dangerous jails -- after being convicted of crimes many people say he didn't commit. 

Just four years earlier, in the same Nicaraguan courtroom, another American named Eric Volz was also convicted of a crime he didn't commit. He spent 14 months in the same notorious prison fighting for his own life. Eric was released from prison after public pressure in the U.S. pushed the State Department to take action -- and the same day the U.S. government spoke out, Eric was free.

Now Eric is fighting to free Jason from the same fate he faced. Eric knows from experience -- like no one else -- the stakes that Jason faces in La Modelaprison.  He hopes a similar public outcry can set Jason free. Eric started a petition on asking U.S. officials to pressure Nicaragua to release Jason Puracal from prison.

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