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Aubrey Sacco, 23, from Greeley Colorado is an experienced world traveler, a yogi, artist, musician, and a free spirited follower of eastern philosophies. She checked into the Langtang Park area of Nepal April 20th for a relatively easy, well populated 7-10 day trek. She vanished somewhere around the second day after having tea at one of the huts along the route and had not been seen or heard from since. Family members flew to Nepal for the search but found nothing. They did get a sense that people there are afraid to talk. The FBI says they have no reason, no evidence to make them believe Aubrey is dead and they are treating this as a possible kidnapping.

To learn more about Aubrey join her facebook page. We are close to 8,000 members, some of them in Nepal who report to us that her missing person posters are still quite visible and the search is still active. Her family is reamining very positive. We all feel very strongly that Aubrey is alove and needs to be found.

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