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National Coverage at Last! CNN Reports on Costa Rica Disappearances

A year after their disappearances in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, David Gimelfarb and Michael Dixon have finally received a bit of coverage on CNN (read the full article). This is a huge deal, as most of the mainstream national media will not cover a story until somebody goes first. Call to action: Please read the article and post a comment in… Continue

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Dutch Reporters Arrested for Trying to Talk With Roatan Murder Suspect

Dutch TV crime reporter Peter R de Vries, 53, and his colleague Chantal van Schuylenburgh, 43, were arrested in Autstralia for trying to talk to a 31-year-old Australian who they say is a murder suspect in the death of 23-year-old Dutch woman Mariska Mast in Roatan, Honduras two years ago. Read full story.

The Australian, Dan Ross, was…


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"North American" Missing in Costa Rica Since July 9

The following appeared in today's A.M. Costa Rica. Few details, will report more as we learn more.

"Judicial agents said Friday that a North American left his home in Pérez Zeledón July 9 and has not been heard from since. They identified the man as Roger Peter Biennvennu, 64. Information is being sought at the following telephone numbers: 2771-3449, 2785-0378 or 800-8000-645. Agents of the Judicial Investigating…


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State Department Information That Might Actually Help Someone

If you're planning a trip outside the U.S., it is a good idea to follow these tips from the State Department.

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Group Created to Follow News on the Roatan Boat

Something tells me we haven't heard the last of Rojo Caliente, the boat found drifting off Roatan, Honduras. I have created a group on The Missing Americans Project site for news and discussion about the boat.

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Not Much News on the Roatan Boat

According to my contact on the island, the boat is still not in Honduran police custody, "which means it will most likely sit there for weeks."

Speculation about the boat is rife. Again, according to my contact, "The guy who towed it in said it was upside down when they found it. Normally if a boat is stolen, it would be stripped, but everything is there. Maybe the boat was stolen, used for a drug run and left abandoned...We all find it strange that a drug boat would have the…


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Photo of the Boat Found Adrift Off Roatan This Week

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No Further News Yet on the Boat Found Off Roatan

The boat apparently is still sitting on the beach. I've got my feelers out and will tell you more as I learn it.

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Missing Americans Project Launches FaceBook Page

Hoping to draw more attention to the plights of adults who disappear overseas and their families, I've created a Missing Americans Project FaceBook Page. Please join and share -- the more people we have calling attention to these issues, the better the odds that something will be done.

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The State Department's Misplaced Priorities

For over a year, we and the other families of the Missing Americans Project have been trying to get the State Department to take more than a perfunctory interest in the plight of U.S. citizens who disappear in foreign countries and their families. We've received little to no help. The State Department is profoundly uninterested in these issues.

During the same period, a colleague and friend of mine has been trying to get her family members in the Philippines permission to come to the…


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A National Campaign on Behalf of Missing Americans & Their Families

It is time. Let's use the sad anniversary of David Gimelfarb's disappearance in Costa Rica to kick off a national campaign on behalf of missing Americans and their families. Ron Scheepstra of Texas, Joe Dunsavage of New Jersey, David Gimelfarb of Illinois, Richard Alicea and Edwin Pritchard of Florida, Leo Finley of Missouri -- and all the others we don't know about -- must not have been lost in vain. Let's use this occasion to contact our Senators and Representatives by whatever means we…


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Empty Boat Found Off Roatan

An approximately 30-foot boat was found off the West Bay Point of Roatan, Honduras. It's blue with twin Yamaha engines. Name on side is Rojo Caliente and the registration number is BZ2182.

Please spread the word widely and pass any leads back to me. Thanks.

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Six Travel Writers (and an Artist) Who Didn't Make it Home

This article also is from

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Nicaragua: New "Friends" Lure Victims into Taxi Kidnappings.

The following is from -- a new resource one of my traveling friends has pointed me to. Once again, no easy way to link straight to the story, so I am copying it in full.

The U.S. Embassy in Managua reported that nearly a dozen taxi kidnappings occurred in the past month in several areas, including around the international airport, along bus routes to and from San Juan del Sur,…


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