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Mexico Town Searches for Missing, Seeks Answers

The Durango Human Rights Commission received 35 reports of disappearances in 2009 and 70 in 2010. Unlike in other regions of Mexico, there are no non-governmental groups investigating those cases and dozens more which were not reported officially. 

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British Government Warns Citizens About Costa Rica Disappearances

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has published an official warning about the increasing number of missing people in Costa Rica on its travel advice website

The new text…


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Costa Rica Beach Towns Lack Funding for Lifeguards

Since 2008, an average of one person has drowned every 3.5 days in Costa Rica. Already 50 people have drowned in the country this year. But lifeguards are absent from most of the country’s beaches. If that trend continues, the number of drowning deaths in 2011 will far surpass last year’s total of 76. On May 4, three U.S. teens from Ohio … Continue

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we travel alot and find your website reasuring and helpful, may God help all those who are suffering to see there loved ones.

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Another Disappearance From a Cruise Ship

A 65-year-old woman was lost somewhere between Cabo San Lucas, MX, and San Diego.

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Wife & Mother of U.S. Citizens, Missing in Mexico, FBI Won't Help

Mariana Corrigan, a Mexican citizen married to an American citizen living in Mission, Tex., has disappeared on Highway 2 between Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa. The family has only had one phone call since she went missing in May 4, demanding the ownership papers on the Tahoe that she was driving. Story says FBI can't get involved because she is Mexican citizen, even though her husband and four children are all U.S. citizens. What's their explanation, then, for not getting involved in any…


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With Son Home, David Goldman Relishes Being a Regular Dad

For five long years, when friends and strangers pressed him for news about his son, Sean, David Goldman had precious little to offer. Sean, who was abducted by his mother as a 4-year-old, remained in Brazil, and Goldman’s efforts to get him back — or even see him — were being thwarted at every turn. Today, Goldman is brimming with updates. Sean, who turns 11 in a few weeks, is loving Little League, doing well in the fifth grade, recently hooked an 8-pound trout, and, on a whim, had his mop of… Continue

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Dismembered Woman Found in Guatemala City

The remains of a young woman were found in the Colombia district of Guatemala City on May 5. A boy found the head of woman, estimated to be between 18 to 20 years of age in a plastic bag. Nearby, the woman’s severed limbs and torso had been found earlier in the week in Zone 18 of the capital of Guatemala. Found at a telephone booth, the victim’s head showed signs of torture and abuse. Authorities surmise that the woman’s death may be related to a spate of extortion by powerful criminal gangs…


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70 Guatemalans Reported Missing in Mexico

At least 70 Guatemalan migrants have been reported missing in Mexico, the Foreign Ministry said, according to this article from Fox News Latino.

"We have received about 70 reports about people who supposedly disappeared in Mexican territory," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Andrea Furlan told reporters. Most of the cases involve people whose relatives last heard… Continue

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Bodies of Ohio Students, Missing in Costa Rica, Found

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BBC Spot on People Who Disappear Abroad

Please watch and share widely.This is the first major media attention the broad issue has received. Very important to build awareness.

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Ohio Student Drowns, 2 More Missing on Costa Rica Mission Trip

An Ohio teenager on a school mission trip to Costa Rica died in the Pacific Ocean when she was pulled along by an undertow current, and two other students swept out with her have not been found, officials said Thursday. Read full article.

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