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At 11:49pm on June 16, 2016, Eunice Goetz said…

Thanks Jeff, for the welcome. 


At 11:55am on November 3, 2014, Ruth Pearson said…

Hi Jeff;

Yes & since I asked to join, we found out he is in prison in Dubai for taking photos in a restricted area. We were in touch with the Embassy who located him for us. He is an architect by trade (now a motivational speaker) who travels all over the world speaking.

He loves walking & taking pictures, esp. of interesting, architecturally, buildings. We know need to find how to get him released.

At 8:33pm on January 3, 2014, Cynthia Scheepstra said…

Happy New Year to you and your family!

At 12:33am on November 26, 2013, Michael Kluznik said…

Bob skippered the boat I was on in Sicily a couple of years ago.  Nice guy.  I'm so sorry to hear about his disappearance.

At 7:37am on September 17, 2013, maggie d. furr said…

Got a message from Stacey who is no longer a member.  Why, is she legitimate?

At 9:10am on September 14, 2013, maggie d. furr said…

Sure!  Happy to help others because I will never forget that empty and helpless feeling.

At 12:37pm on August 4, 2013, Judy Rother said…

Hi Jeff, Thanks for the warm welcome. :)

At 12:08pm on August 31, 2012, Cynthia Scheepstra said…

Hi Jeff, read my blog post when you get a chance.

No good news for me. It appears this nightmare will never end.


At 11:19am on May 16, 2012, Cindy Crim said…

Hello Jeff,

I was thinking of you and your family this past Mother's Day. It was three years ago your brother was lost at sea. our prayers go out to you and your family. Kent and Cindy


At 9:19pm on December 21, 2011, Bill Markunas said…

Hey Jeff, got an NJ phone; technical difficulties with old one. I was up North; back in Middlesex. give me a holler or text at 732-692-3694. Have a cup of coffee and discuss actioin items for MAP.

At 2:44pm on November 14, 2011, Samantha Zinnel said…

I live in Alabama and Natalie Holloway was a big deal, but I didn't realize the extent of this problem until researching it after seeing Gone about Aeryn Gillern.  I was outraged by his story as a mother myself and was so angry with the treatment his case and mother got by the Austrian officials.  I want to do something to raise awareness.  I am looking into awareness ribbons, is red or green the color for the ribbon?

At 9:38pm on November 13, 2011, Emilia Velez said…
I need to hook up with someone like Carole Moore here on your comments that can write abo my brother missing in another country on a magazine. If u have contacts too for sponsorship of billboards we would really be grateful. Thanks
At 8:28pm on November 12, 2011, Emilia Velez said…
Hello jeff, 
I actually have a petition on that my goal is to collect 1,000,000 votes to show the government that he is of high importance to the community. Can u help me post on your website to gather votes. I know that it can be done. I have a "groups" page created on facebook as well as a a webpage where we are gathering donations the continue with the "out of our pocket search" since my brother is not as important to the us gov. Jeff we are desperate and all the help we can get us greatly appreciated. I have written to the media; 20/20 good morning America, CNN etc... And is like my letters go to their pile of garbage. It's time that we make things happen on our own. Please help me by posting the website and the petition at
As I mentioned before I work Full-time and the Internet is all I got to be heard. If you can please help us, and as usual we are forever grateful for thinking of us.
Yours truly,
At 4:17pm on October 29, 2011, Carole Moore said…
Thanks, Jeff. I want to feature Joe in the story I am writing for a magazine that is distributed to business travelers (and those who have been relocated in other countries by their businesses) around the world. I am also looking for individuals who have gone missing in other countries while there on business, if you know of anyone interested in a brief interview. It's a good chance to get some eyes on their stories, but I have to do the interviews very early next week to get them in.
At 8:13am on August 23, 2011, jose campos said…
Hi Jeff, I really think we need to do something with the SARK9 Ops in Central America, or even in Latin America, for me that´s the key as timing in response of missing people.... Thanks.
At 1:58am on August 16, 2011, Paco said…

Hey Jeff,

I was just hoping on your next webpage update you could put a share on Facebook link.  I can't really comment at the sadness that goes on and on, but maybe we could get the word  out a little more on Facebook.  Hats off to your work.


At 7:25am on July 28, 2011, Teri Holycross said…

I would like to post my information regarding my Search and Rescue Tean on your resource list but I don't know how.  Can you tell me how.

Thank you

Teri Holycross

At 11:05pm on July 25, 2011, Jeremy McGowan said…


I am an ex-military security forces officer (12 year Air Force veteran) and have served in Desert Storm and several other campaigns across the planet.  I lived in Colombia (jungles) for a year, Panama for a year and in the Middle East for 2 years.  


I am now the VP of Intelifuel and spend most of my time in Quito.  I am a registered warden with the US Embassy in Quito.  I have satellite communications, transportation and a large house - all of which I will volunteer for people engaged in searching for any missing American in Ecuador.  


I have contacts with the Ecuadorian Special Forces and private security companies as well.  


If there ever comes a time when my time, equipment or services is necessary to help look for any American missing in Ecuador - contact me.  I'll do everything I can.  


At 8:09pm on March 17, 2011, Carl Appel said…
I was disappointed that nothing was said in the news around the area in which she was missing.  She is in the hospital doing good and her Dad is flying over there to take her home.  She went missing in one of the museums
At 12:06pm on March 17, 2011, Carl Appel said…
They found her alive this morning.  Not sure of all the details as of yet but she is alive.  She had been missing for 5 days in Paris.

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