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Wife & Mother of U.S. Citizens, Missing in Mexico, FBI Won't Help

Mariana Corrigan, a Mexican citizen married to an American citizen living in Mission, Tex., has disappeared on Highway 2 between Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa. The family has only had one phone call since she went missing in May 4, demanding the ownership papers on the Tahoe that she was driving. Story says FBI can't get involved because she is Mexican citizen, even though her husband and four children are all U.S. citizens. What's their explanation, then, for not getting involved in any meaningful way in investigating the disappearances of John Parks, Arturo Aviles, Ron Scheepstra, and all the other U.S. citizens missing in Mexico? 

Watch the full story.

Texas citizens need to get angry, begin a concerted campaign targeting the state's senators and representatives!

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