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What the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica Has to Say About Safety There

A-freakin'-mazing! This is the U.S. Embassy's page about safety in Costa Rica. Not a mention of the disappearances and murders over the past year. Here's the kind of thing the Embassy warns about:

  • A tire of a rental car went flat, and people who stopped to "help change the tire" stole U.S. passports, bags, cash, and camera.
  • A hotel room was broken into during the day, and items the tourist had hidden were stolen.
  • Several Americans were traveling on a tour bus. The bus was parked at the parking area of a white water rafting company, and while the tourists were rafting, the bus was broken into. U.S. passports were stolen along with cameras, cash, credit cards, and clothing.
  • An American's backpack was stolen from a chair at a restaurant while he was in the restroom.
  • Items were stolen from the locked trunk of a rental car.
  • A purse with a passport and credit cards was stolen out of a backpack on a bus.
  • While making a transaction, an American set his passport on the counter at a bank and was distracted by another "bank client" who started talking to him; when he turned around, his passport was gone.

Maybe if the State Department talked to the Gimelfarbs and the Dixons and the Dobbins's and the Snells and the Scibek's, they might add a bullet to their list. WHAT ARE WE PAYING THESE PEOPLE FOR?!

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