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Travis Sackett, 36 years old, is being missing since February 21st when he went on a hike on the Imbabura volcano in Ecuador. Family and friends have not heard from him since. Sackett served several AmeriCorps and Peace Corps terms, so he is familiar with traveling in foreign countries.

Please help us find Travis and bring him back home!

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Comment by shane sia on January 9, 2022 at 4:04pm

Hello-I've notced there are many americans who seem to just suddely "disappear" in Ecuador!..the Havana Times did an interesting article on the high number of missing amercans in Ecuador.
August Reiger-a teen that went missing in Ecuador-in 2013..has never been seen/heard from again...disappeared while on a hike with family!..just like Travis who went on a hike on Imbabura inactive volcano-a popular tourist place to hike.
Here is the article-and very interesting-especially fact "organ" harvesting-from bodies-may be a reason many disappear Ecuador..and..little is ever done after initial searches!
Travis Sackett has not been seen and nothing of his remains-clothes/backpack..nothing has been found-even after many searches.! He went on his hike was seen on top of Imbabura..not reported seen after that...and that was nearly a year ago. Reward on a gofund page too-and an Lauth international investigatons are on his case-but so far-nothing.. Travis Sackett case-is on FB in several places.

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