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I think most of you know who I am, my name is Glendene Grant and my daughter Jessie Foster is a human trafficking victim. Jessie has been missing since March 29, 2006 – over 5 years now.


I have been very active in bringing awareness to human trafficking, I go into high schools around BC and Alberta; I go around the country to events such as the launching of new organizations and conferences on human trafficking.


I have recently been asked to be the Honourary Representative for British Columbia for Canada Fights Human Trafficking.





Jessie's case was recently on Access TV's Alberta Primetime: Domestic Human Trafficking -


Plus several stories at the end of March when we hit the 5 year mark of Jessie's disappearance. Here are some of them . . .


Las Vegas Tribune: Las Vegas, HUB for Human Trafficking -


Kamloops This Week: Where is Jessie? Kamloops' Jessie Foster vanished from Vegas five years ago this week


Kamloops Local CFJC TV: Jessica Foster – 5 Years: Today marks 5 years since Kamloops woman Jessica Foster's disappearance -


Calgary Metro Newspaper: Mom won't give up search for daughter -


Red Deer Advocate: Human Trafficking Session -


PRLog: Mother of human trafficking victim to speak at April 15 event in Red Deer -


Suspected Human Trafficking Victim Still Missing, mom has not given up -





I have been asked by Canada Fights Human Trafficking to host the trafficjam walkathon (3 to 5 kms) on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 7:00PM here in Kamloops. 



I pledged $2,500 because that is how much it costs to save one human trafficking victim. 



I am looking for help in advertising the upcoming event – put on by Canada Fights Human Trafficking in a city near you.


This is a national event, and it is also being held in other cities across Canada.


This is a family event, people are encouraged to bring their husbands, wives, children and friends.


We need to start and end at the same place – I was hoping to use the east end of the parking lot at Riverside (next to the coliseum).


I will need to put up a few tables for registration and water, which is being donated by Toyota around the country, and I am also contacting Mike McDonell from Pepsi here in Kamloops.


CFHT is giving free national advertising for anyone helping – advertising; donating water; etc.


This is a 'sidewalk' walk, we will not require any areas to be cordoned off, and we will not need any police escorts.


The information is on the poster I am attaching, and you can contact CFHT at or or you can reply back to me at this email address. 


Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Glendene Grant, Honourary Representative for British Columbia, and the mother of international endangered missing woman, Jessie Foster, a human trafficking victim. 

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