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23 year old American Kyle Mostello Belanger has been reported missing since last May and believed to have been kidnapped and is being held against his will for ransom in Juarez Mexico. The information has been forwarded to the Mexican Government and to the FBI and other U.S. agencies with no apparent follow-up investigations much less locating arresting and punishing his perpetrators.

U.S. law enforcement authorities helped facilitate a $32,000 ransom payment in Mexico for a relative of a U.S. congressman who was kidnapped by gunmen in Ciudad Juarez, a border city across from El Paso Texas.

The kidnapping took place in Mexico not on U.S. soil but in a foreign country. The victim was not even an American citiz en but a Mexican national.

Until a prominent US citizen is abducted, the problem will not receive much attention in the media or from the Public.

Jake Mendoza of El Paso, called the Journal and asked “How is it that a kidnapping in a foreign country of a foreign national gets investigated and resolved by American law enforcement while other not so connected Americans who are currently being held for ransom some who are believed to have been kidnapped from American soil, and taken to a foreign country and held for ransom. While still other Americans have been executed, murdered, wounded and held for ransom in Mexico with no apparent U.S. Law enforcement investigation or follow-up? How can that be?”

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Comment by Renee Vorbach on November 29, 2010 at 10:50pm
Hi Cynthia... So sorry to hear about your husband. I can't imagine not knowing about John for that length of time, I know how crazed I am and his mom is after only one month..... thanks for the contact... when I can get my head together we must talk.. thanks again...

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