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Remains of Tom Cook -- Vermont Retiree, Missing in Costa Rica -- Identified

Sometimes closure is all we can hope for. In these cases, success is necessarily bittersweet.

Last week, the earthly remains of Thomas Cook – a Vermont retiree living in Jaco, Costa Rica, and missing for more than six weeks – were positively identified. I won’t provide any details here, other to say foul play was clearly involved.

Having launched MAP following the loss of my brother Joe Dunsavage in Roatan, Honduras, and not having had the small comfort of a body to bring home and bury according to custom and ceremony, I’m gratified to have been able to help Tom’s family get to this point.

Please join me in offering condolences to Tom’s family and in thanking our contacts in Costa Rica -- who, for their safety’s sake, prefer not to be identified. They were indispensable in helping us get to this conclusion.

Prayers and positive energy for all who are touched by this loss.

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