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PLEASE HELP FIND OUR LOVED ONE -last seen in either Leon or Bluefields, Nicaragua

We desperately need help locating my uncle!! :( (last heard from on 9/18/10 in either Leon or Bluefields, Nicaragua)

My uncle's name is Tim Rayley and he moved to Nicaragua about two years ago. He had been robbed and mugged on several occasions while there...however, a couple weeks ago my cousin Leslie (his daughter) and my mom (his sister) both received calls from his cell from a woman saying that Tim had been mugged and he stabbed the assailant and is now in jail...and they needed to send $250 to get him out. However, they were never able to confirm this and the police in Bluefields said there was no American in custody by that name. Obviously there was a language barrier so they did not get much more information from the female caller. His bank account has been completely emptied, so we are VERY worried. We have contacted the American Embassy and they say that they are working on it, but as yet we have not heard anything.

NAME: Tim Rayley AGE: 62 yrs old (12/10/48) HEIGHT: 5'9" WEIGHT: 180 lbs DESCRIPTION: brown hair, blue eyes

Photo is below.

Any help or advice you could give us would be very appreciated!!!


Kathy Carpeneti (sister) (541) 343-8389 (Oregon USA)

Leslie Hawkins (daughter) (909) 499-6816 (California USA)

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