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"North American" Missing in Costa Rica Since July 9

The following appeared in today's A.M. Costa Rica. Few details, will report more as we learn more.

"Judicial agents said Friday that a North American left his home in Pérez Zeledón July 9 and has not been heard from since. They identified the man as Roger Peter Biennvennu, 64. Information is being sought at the following telephone numbers: 2771-3449, 2785-0378 or 800-8000-645. Agents of the Judicial Investigating Organization said Biennvennu was 1.75 meters tall, abut 5-foot, 9-inches. They said he preferred to dress in shorts and tennis shoes. There was no information as to why there was such delay in going public with the case nor was there additional information on the circumstances preceding the disappearance."

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