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Nicaragua: New "Friends" Lure Victims into Taxi Kidnappings.

The following is from -- a new resource one of my traveling friends has pointed me to. Once again, no easy way to link straight to the story, so I am copying it in full.

The U.S. Embassy in Managua reported that nearly a dozen taxi kidnappings occurred in the past month in several areas, including around the international airport, along bus routes to and from San Juan del Sur, San Jorge, Granada, Managua, Esteli and Masaya, and in the city of Managua. In all cases involving U.S. citizens, the incidents involved a local befriending the American and offering to share or help find a taxi. Once inside the taxi, the victims were held at knife- or gun-point, threatened with violent assault, robbed, driven to ATMs to empty their bank accounts, then abandoned in remote areas. The incidents often occurred after strangers befriended the victims on a bus and the bus arrived at its destination. The assailants have had many profiles, including a young pregnant woman and women and men of various ages. The Embassy recommends using only officially registered taxis bearing registration numbers on the door, license plate and trunk or radio-dispatched taxis.

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