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Going through all the "firsts" without our missing friends and family members is tough, and it doesn't get much easier as time passes. I remember how hard the "first" Christmas without my Dad was; and the "first" of his birthdays without him as well. This year, the crew of the Pair of Docs will mark their "first" Christmas without our dear friend Joe Dunsavage. On behalf of the crew, we hope the spirit of Chrismas gives comfort to the Dunsavage family - especially Joe's children. You're in our prayers.

I've been collecting photos of Joe from my fellow crewmembers and hope to have an album put together in time for the annual Pair of Docs off-season party, that usually is held in Feburary or March. I'll share that with all project members as soon as possible.

I've also been developing some resources for the Project - focusing on charitable organizations around the world who are willing to assist in the searches for missing persons. I have quite a list, but need to contact each of them to ensure they would be willing to relay information about missing persons to their field operations around the world.

Finally, my international fishing crew - The Trolling Stones - is off to Salinas Ecuador on January 20th, returning the 24th; since Joe went missing, I always seem to stress my return dates, regardless of the destination or duration of my trips. If any Project members have missing family of friends in the vacinity of Salinas or Guayaquil Ecuador, please forward me as much information as you have, and I'll enlist the help of all the people we'll come into contact with there - Boat captains, marina operators, hotel staff, etc.

Merry Christmas to all. Bob Mac

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Comment by Jeff Dunsavage on December 23, 2009 at 5:00pm
Bob - Thanks so much for all of this. I've been remiss in updating the site, what with so much going on (both practically and emotionally). It means a lot to know you're staying engaged and thinking of the missing people and their families.

"Trolling Stones"! I have Joe's Trolling Stones T-shirt...didn't realize it had greater significance than just the play on his favorite band's name. I'll treat it especially kindly now.

Have a great Christmas and New Year and know we'll be thinking of you while you're in Ecuador. I hope you'll post some of those pics you're talking about here. Great profile shot, by the way!


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