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I would recommend anyone travelling to Middle Americas to always carry a Mini GPS Tracking Device. With this device there is always a Track in Time and Position on your location.

Another good device is The Spot Personal GPS Tracker with a Distress signal button. Simply push the button when something happens to you.

If you go missing at least there is a Trail where you last have been, and where you got in trouble. Even if the device gets stolen it will provide some accurate clues.

Middle American countries are very beautiful but unfortunately also very dangerous. Remember you are a GRINGO between all those Latinos no matter what you do or how you behave. If you leave your house or hotel, if you travel the road, if you are off the beaten track, you might go MISSING!

Wear your GPS Tracker with you at all times! And push the DISTRESS Button when things go wrong.

Latinos work in gangs. Scrupelous. They never operate solo. One house Invasion and your lost. Once they have targeted your house, your done.

It's not about theft and petty crime, it happens anywhere, you might even be used to that. It's not about you, about how well experienced you are or how well you understand the locals or the local customs and behaviours. It has nothing to do with that. You could be just another victim of scrupolous gang crime, rape or murder, or even become a victim of blackmailing, business distortion or property corruption, once they got there eye on you.

It's not about drug gangs. Its about organized gang cooperatives that jump on you. There is nothing you can do. Even the Police is helpless in most cases. Yes, avoid shady towns and shady places. Remember, those gang members live in neighbourhoods too. But once they have decided to go out on a spree or on you, there is nothing much you can do.

Remember, it's Russion Roulette out there, with a very large Revolver, a bullet 1: 1000 instead of 1: 6. Its not about how many people go missing or get murdered in Latin America and the high crime murder rates topping 85 to 10,000 in Honduras. It is about the number of American or European visitors that got murdered or went missing. And those rates are staggering high! Like Russian Roulette. Most vunerable are those living there alone or as couple, or travelling all alone of all age. The predators are patiently waiting for an occasion.

Allways cary a GPS Tracker to leave your trail behind. In case you go missing.

You may be lucky and have a fantastic life experience with wonderful nature and meet wonderful people. Its just very bad luck when something very terrible it happens to you.

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