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JESSICA (Jessie) EDITH LOUISE FOSTER, international endangered missing woman and victim of human trafficking BY Jessie's mom, Glendene Grant . . . part 1

PICTURED: mom Glendene and daughter Jessie - August 2002


This is a VERY long and detailed account of Jessie's disappearance and other things surrounding her case, but PLEASE understand how important it is to me and to my missing daughter, Jessie Foster, for you or someone to read it all.


First off, I want to thank you for letting me share this with you. I know it will most likely be very emotional for you, as it is to the few people I have told this to - especially if you are a mother. 


You should find it very interesting too, because it will keep you wondering! There are so many things to wonder about. Things that people have often asked me about over the years, like: 


WHY HAVE THEY NOT INTERVIEWED ALL THE PEOPLE INVOLVED (or interviewed the ones they did much more thoroughly)?

WHY HAS THE HOUSE NEVER BEEN GONE OVER FOR BLOOD & DNA (checking under carpets and behind baseboards and what ever it is they do during an investigation such asthis)?

I WISH I KNEW! Why not??? HOW ELSE DO YOU SOLVE A CRIME, other than investigating?


I personally have given so much information to the police working on on Jessie's case. 


But it is only given to them by me – THE MOTHER – a grandmother, because the people who have called me with this information had no other choice but to call the mom. 


I am told over and over, they are calling me personally, BECAUSE THE POLICE HAVE NOT GOT BACK TO THEM. But even when I call or email this information to them myself, they STILL do NOTHING with any of it. 



• never interviewing, or even wanting to talk to Jessie's older sister, the last person known to talk to her 

• never interviewing Donald Vaz (the person who took her to the USA and left her in Las Vegas); Yvonne Hubrechtsen (AKA: Angel, the person who was supposed to be Jessie's bestfriend in Las Vegas); or Richard Barrington Walcott (Angel's boyfriend and Peter Todd's friend)

• thorough investigation of the home she was last known to be in

• that Jessie was kidnapped and the victim of modern-day slavery, because “that happens in Las Vegas, not in North Las Vegas” (yes, he seriously told Jessie's dad that) 



• a woman called me and told me she saw Jessie immediately after Trish VanArsdale (Jessie's fiance Peter Todd's estranged wife – though, Peter had told Jessie they were divorced, and when she found their marriage certificate and he admited they were still married, it caused a HUGE fight between the two of them) cut Jessie's hand with a knife,(something we told the police about, but they said we had no proof of it, so I am guessing Jessie's word coming from us, was not good enough for them, even though Jessie had told us about this incident prior to her disappearing, and I reported Trish as someone who HATED Jessie – as a matter of fact, Peter and Jessie both told me this: Jessie never answered the door at their home when she was alone, in case it was Trish on the other side – that is how much she hated Jessie for being with Peter and living in the home she once shared with him). This woman told me that Jessie rushed into the office of the escort agency that Jessie was beaten and forced to work at, with blood running from her hand. She was yelling that Peter's jealous, crazy, ex-wife cut her hand. She wassaying how much this person hated her. The woman told me this and she told me that she called the police with it but they NEVER called her back. She told me she was willing to be put under hypnosis, because it was several years ago and she wanted to remember every detail. So I called the police and they never got back to me either. I tried to get someone to help me and eventually, Frank Mahoney from NCMLO (Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones) told me to get her to call him, but by then, my contact info was no longer working (she did tell me she was going to be leaving Las Vegas and wanted to leave it all behind, so I guess it took me so long to find someone, it was TOO LATE). 


• someone told me that Peter Todd took Jessie out to the desert and killed her and buried her, then took $30,000 cash to Trish VanArsdale and gave her $28,000 of it. The police never called them back and never check out this tip, or the car he was driving that day. 


• a man called me in August 2009 after he saw the E! Entertainment's documentary,YOUNG, BEAUTIFUL & VANISHED. He had recognized Jessie's picture from it. He told me he saw Jessie at a Motel 6 in AUGUST 2006, months after she was reported missing. He had some detailed info about this time frame. He was there with his daughter who was celebrating her 21st birthday (Motel 6 is the motel we know that Jessie went to on two separate occasions when her friend CB was visiting her in Las Vegas in late summer or early fall of 2005. CB was the only person who was ever at the house that Jessie shared with Peter and his identical twin brother, James Andrew Todd, in North Las Vegas, and she left the house two times, once in a cab and once driven by James – and going to Motel 6. Peter came both times and brought them home – once the next morning, but once was that night – he paid for the room for the night, but took the women back to the house in North Las Vegas). This man told me he had called the police with his information, but they never called me back. He told me he was calling because he was going for major surgery the next week, and not knowing if he was going to make it, he wanted to ensure the mother of this missing woman knew what he knew. I called the police with this information, but they NEVER got back to me about it and have never told me if they have done anything with this tip. 


• a young woman called me and told me that everyone in the Las Vegas world of Sin City knows what happened to Jessie, but you know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. So no one will talk to the police and tell them what she told me, that Peter Todd beat Jessie to death in the house at 1009 Cornerstone Place, North Las Vegas, NV, USA (she is going to 'try' to see if she can find someone from back in 2006 who is no longer in LV, and may not be too afraid to come forward) 


My name is Glendene Grant and my daughter is Jessie Foster. We are from Canada, I live in Kamloops, BC; her father lives in Calgary, AB; and Jessie has been missing from (North) LasVegas since March 29, 2006. The reason I put the (brackets) around (NORTH), is because it was just a formality that Jessie's missing person's case was filed in North Las Vegas - because that is the house where they had her living at. It would have just as easily been (Henderson) or (Metro) or (anywhere) handling her disappearance as it was N LV (though I wish it was any other place else than N LV). 


Detective David Molnar is the officer at the North Las Vegas Police Department "handling" Jessie's case: file #06-9384 – his phone number is 702-633-1779. Jessie's case here in Canada is with the Serious Crimes Division, and Constable Darin Rappel is the officer in charge of her case: file #2006-9538 – his phone number is 250-828-3293. Jessie's NCIC# is M-535642358


The reason I did "quotations" around the word "HANDLING", is because in my opinion, it is just a formality, he is the detective on record. Considering he has not contacted me in any way, or replied to my emails or phones calls for over 2 years – for almost ½ the entire time Jessie has been missing, except for one 15-word message in 2009, when I literally had to demand to know who was now the detective on Jessie's case, since it was obviously not him, or he would be doing something, anything (like returning messages to people calling with tips, who end up calling me, the mother, because they get NO RESONSE FROM THE POLICE - WHAT KIND OF INVESTIGATION IS THAT?). He replied with this quote: "Glendene, I am still the Detective on the case. Who told you I was not?" It was not that anyone told me, it was that he HAD NO CONTACT WHAT-SO-EVER, WITH ANYONE IN JESSIE'S FAMILY. I AM THE FAMILY CONTACT PERSON - AND HE NEVER REPLIED TO ANY OF MY PLEAS FOR HIM TO RETURN MY PHONE CALLS OR REPLY TO MY EMAILS. So, to me, Detective David Molnar is simply the detective on record who is "handling" Jessie's case.


Here is some background on JESSIE FOSTER, international endangered missing person and human trafficking victim and the people she knew while in Las Vegas. People we believe, and if you read and listen to all the information, will probably agree – are likely involved in her disappearance: 


Peter Bertrand Todd is the person who we were told, by many people, beat Jessie and forced her to work at an escort agency. Several people at this agency, including the manager, have told me personally that Jessie had bruises from Peter, and she was too afraid to leave him. 


They also all 'know', as did many people in that walk-of-life, that Jessie was beat to death (some say shot) by him in the house at 1009 Cornerstone Place, North Las Vegas, NV USA 89301 (some say in the desert) and buried in the Mojave Desert north of where they lived. 


Even after all this time, I still get calls quite frequently, from people who can't forget Jessie and feel that even though it may be years later – they feel the need to do what they can now to try to help. A recent one was just in August 2010, from a woman who knew Jessie (she knew her as Taylor) back in 2005, she said she believes Jessie is dead, that she was murdered by Peter Todd.

In my and many others opinions, the North Las Vegas police have NEVER done a proper investigation on the house they know she lived in up to the time she vanished. They say they have no reason to do this investigation – so I guess her being missing is not  'reason' enough. 


It really makes me wonder how a crime can be solved without investigating it?!?!?!? How do they know if he did it or not if they do not check it out? If they don't rip up carpets and baseboards to look for blood drops or splatters? How does someone not even be investigated and therefore 'wins' by default? 

I don't know if Peter did anything or not, but I do know he told me 3 different stories about the last time he saw Jessie.


Well, I have ONE story about the last time I saw my daughter . . . it was as she was leaving Kamloops and her family on CHRISTMAS DAY, DECEMBER 25, 2005 so she could go back to Peter and Las Vegas and the fate that she met, 3 months later – and my story has NEVER changed! How could it? The truth does not change! Our Christmas, however, has forever been changed. How do I have a different story about that?

However, regardless of what we don't know happened, what we do know happened is this:

• Jessie was taken to the USA in the spring of 2005 by Donald Vaz

• Donald Vaz left Jessie in the company of Richard Barrington Walcott and Yvonne (Angel) Hubrechtsen in Las Vegas, NV USA

• Richard Barrington Walcott and Yvonne (Angel) Hubrechtsen then left her in the company of Peter Bertrand Todd

• Peter Todd ended up her 'fiancé' and it was who she was living with, and his identical twin brother, James Andrew Todd, when she vanished 10 months later, never to be seen or heard from now for 5 years




AND, her:

• passport was NEVER used again! 

• debit card was NEVER used again!! 

• cell phone was NEVER used again!!! 

• credit cards were NEVER used again!!!! 

• bank account was NEVER used again!!!!! 

• loved ones NEVER heard from her again!!!!!! 



• she does not have a known American Social Security Number! 

• there has NEVER been anything on her Canadian Social Insurance Number! 


If Jessie did 'cease to exist', then we know, it is because someone murdered my daughter. If Jessie is alive, (like my heart has always told me), then it is because someone did something to her to make her disappear.


I don’t know why I suddenly feel I have to share this now, but I have something I want to share with you. It is something that happened that I have only told a few people about. Namely: my family; a few friends; and a couple of reporters, but I am going to share it with you all now.


It is a very emotional thing for me to relive, and when I do, always I cry hard, so the tears will be pouring down my cheeks and the snot will be dripping from my nose, but you know what, nothing is worse than having a missing daughter. So compared to that, this will be a piece of cake. 


First of all, the last time I talked to my beautiful daughter, Jessie Foster was during a phone call on March 24, 2006 when she called me to see if her little sister, Jennee's birthday present had got there and to tell me she had a dentist appointment booked for March 27, she called me twice that day. Jessie was 21 years old at that time. 


Then on March 27 Jessie called her dad's house and left her stepmom a happy birthday voice message and said that she was going to the dentist that day.


My oldest daughter, Crystal talked to Jessie several times on March 28, 2006 - I didn't, but I talked to Crystal on that day. 


Then, on March 29, 2006 I got up for work at my usual time of 3:00AM. Because I was in the same time zone as Las Vegas, there were many times that Jessie would call me then to talk.


She knew I always had time for her, even at 3 o'clock in the morning. So it did not surprise me when the phone rang shortly after I got up.


What did surprise me was what I heard on the other end.


The first thing I noticed was it was not Jessie's cell phone number on the call display. She still had her same number from Calgary, AB. This was a 7 -0 - 2, Las Vegas area code, and it was not a phone number I recognized.


Even still, I knew, before I picked it up, that it was going to be Jessie. So I said HI SWEETIE! 


And then I heard it - it sounded like someone was yelling into the phone. It sounded crackly, like a bad connection with lots of static and I could not understand a thing she was saying.


BUT I STILL 'KNEW' IT WAS JESSIE, and not just because of the Las Vegas area code on my call display! I felt it was her.


It made me very nervous, because it sounded like Jessie was desperately calling for help. Like she was screaming. I was yelling back, JESSIE . . . WHAT IS WRONG? JESSIE, SWEETIE! I CAN'T HEAR YOU. WHAT IS WRONG? And the phone went dead.


I went into the other room to turn on the light and call the number from the call display back, I WAS STARTING TO PANIC. Before I could call the number, my phone rang again. It was the same 702 area code. I answered quickly and said, JESSIE, ARE YOU OK. But again, all could hear was what sounded like someone screaming. 


This time it was more desperate, but still not clear. I could not understand exactly what was being said, but it sounded like, "HELP . . . . ME . . . . AGGGGG . . . HELP . . ." I was seriously freaking out. I was starting to scream into the phone, JESSIE, WHAT IS WRONG? JESSIE HANG UP AND CALL THE POLICE. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. JESSIE, WHAT IS HAPPENING? And the call ended again.


I was freaking, my heart was pounding, I was starting to shake and cry. WHAT WAS HAPPENING? Was Peter beating her? I had received calls before when Jessie and Peter were fighting and I talked to both of them. I even tried many times to get Jessie to come home and to get Peter to send her home - but of course, back then, I had no way to know that Jessie was already the victim of modern-day sex slavery. She was already being beat and forced to work at an escort agency. Then the phone rang for a third time.


This time I was as panicked as I have EVER been in my entire life. I HEARD MY DAUGHTER SCREAMING FOR HER LIFE! I swear it. I still could not make out the words, but the shear panic and shrillness and the loudness of it all told me SOMETHING WAS VERY WRONG. I was screaming into the phone, JESSIE, STOP CALLING ME. CALL THE POLICE! WHERE ARE YOU?


WHAT CAN I DO? CALL 9-1-1!!!!!!!!!!! Then the call ended again. 


I tried to call Jessie's cell phone from my cell phone at the same time as I tried to call the number on my call display from my home phone, but both phone just rang, and rang, and rang. I tried to call Peter's cell phone and even Yvonne Hubrechtsen's cell phone (hers was the only other number I had for anyone that Jessie knew in Las Vegas, because I ironically and prophetically said to Jessie when she was going to stay in Las Vegas for 2 weeks until her 21st birthday so she could celebrate there - "Jessie, you are not staying in another country unless you give me a contact number for SOMEONE there. I don't know anyone or where you are, and IF YOU GO MISSING, who will I call". TEN MONTHS LATER MY DAUGHTER WENT MISSING). But all I got on everyone's phone was voice-mail. I left messages, but no one was calling me back. I did not know what to do, because, seriously, I was not even sure what I had just heard.


I called in to work and said I could not come in. I was a mess, there was no way I would be any use at work, as I would be just too worried. I was already worried out of my mind. 


Then about 10AM my daughter Crystal called from a pay phone when the Greyhound bus she was on got to a stop . . . she was on her way home from up in Northern Alberta at the oil rig camp she was a cook at, to meet her sister Jessie in Kamloops so they could drive Jessie's car to Calgary for their stepsister's wedding reception (Jessie's proof of car insurance came in the mail to my house for 30 days . . . Jessie paid almost $200 for this, but she never showed up to use it). She was very upset. She said MOM, IT WAS ME. IT WAS ME CALLING NOT JESSIE. IT WAS ME CALLING FROM MY CO-WORKER'S CELL PHONE, SHE IS FROM LAS VEGAS!!!!


You see, Crystal had accidentally washed her cell phone in her housecoat pocket before she left camp, so it was not working. She was on the Greyhound bus with her friend who was going to Edmonton to take a plane home to Las Vegas and she knew I would be up at 3:00AM, so she called me from a 7-0-2 area code phone number!!


Crystal told me she could hear me plain as day. She kept saying over and over, "No, Mom, it is not Jessie, it is me!", but all I heard was Jessie screaming for help. 


Now, if you knew how close my daughters are to each other, and how close I am to my kids, then maybe somehow there is a way for Crystal to call me on a Las Vegas cell, just as something horrific is happening to Jessie - perhaps she was being kidnapped or beaten to death at that exact time and through the powers of whatever; through the heart-strings between my children and I and my children and each other; I somehow heard Jessie screaming out for me, for her Mommy as she was snatched away or as 'someone' snuffed out her beautiful life.


I know my heart has always told me Jessie is alive and to this day, through my tears as I type now, even with what I just told you, I can't help it! I just DO NOT FEEL, DEEP IN MY HEART, THAT MY CHILD IS DEAD, and whether that is the truth, and Jessie is alive and that night there were just 3 'bad' connections from a Las Vegas cell area code at the exact same time Jessie sometimes called me OR, Jessie was murdered, and through the grace of the Lord, I was able to be there for her at the end, well, I just don't know. 

I do know this though. My best-friend Brenda was there for her 16-year-old son (his birthday was just on July 22, 2002) son, James when he was hit by a speeding truck on August 5, 2002 . . . she held him as he died, and as tragic as that is, it is what has allowed her to go on. She KNOWS he did not suffer, she knows he went to heaven, and she was with her baby as he took his last breath. I hope, if Jessie is not alive, that I was 'with her' as she took her last breath.

The next day, after Jessie never returned Crystal's calls or my calls, one of my other daughters – Jessie's 2nd youngest sister Katie, told me she had been calling Jessie all day, and she never returned her call. I started leaving message after message and I filled up her voice-mail-box. I emailed her and my emails were getting more and more frantic and pretty soon I was YELLING in them!! I went to work the next day and told one of my co-workers, I THINK MY DAUGHTER IS MISSING IN LAS VEGAS. He said, "What are you doing here then?" And I said, "I DON'T KNOW". I left and never went back for a year and a half (then a year and a half after that, the business closed).

Right now, besides the tears and snot I already mentioned, I am shaking and my head is throbbing. It is almost like I just went through that again. But you know, this time, I feel as if I got something out of telling it. Like when you go to the 'shrink' and pour your guts out and feel better! Or . . . when you pop that damn pimple that hurts like hell . . . and when you do, the pressure comes off and the pain is relieved a bit. Eventually the pimple will heal, and I pray that one day, so will my heart.


So. over the next few days of trying to get a hold of Jessie, I was also calling Peter Todd's cell phone number, which I had – and the number to Yvonne Hubrechtsen that Jessie had given me – IN CASE SHE EVER WENT MISSING – but I was not getting any answers from either of them – or from Jessie or from her emails.


One day a friend of mine suggested call-blocking my phone number before I called, but I said that it wouldn't make a difference. You see, at this point, I no idea that they may (or did) have something to do with her being missing.


You know, what – that worked!


I did it . . . I call-blocked my number and called Peter: HE ANSWERED.


After that I call-blocked my number and called Yvonne: SHE ANSWERED.


Until then, they never bothered to answer the frantic phone calls from the mother of their fiancé/friend's, nor did they return any of my messages where I was pleading for someone to contact me about where my daughter was. That is, until they did not know it was me calling.

When I finally did get a hold of Peter, he gave me 3 (THREE) different stories about the last time he says he saw Jessie: 


1. He told me that she was gone since April 3 (this was the 9th). She had called him and asked him to drop off her Rx for pain medication at the pharmacy and she would pick it up on her way home from 'work' in the morning. (He said she had a dentist appointment to have her wisdom tooth pulled and needed the meds. HOWEVER: we know her appointment was on March 27th – not in April). 


2. He told me some of the same details: date / dentist appointment – but he told me she asked him also pick up the Rx. The earlier story he said she picked it up. 


3. Still some of the same details: date / dentist appointment – but he told me that she wanted him to drop off the Rx for her, then she came home – when he went out to pick it up for her later, and came home, she was gone. WITH EVERYTHING BUT HER HAIRDRYER & MAKEUP (the two things that Jessie would NEVER leave behind on purpose). This tells me she was either taken away suddenly, or someone else took her things and never thought about the bathroom items.

Then, I had to beg him to call the police there and I would call the police here, then we can report her missing on both sides of the border. He was not very interested in doing it – but I insisted and told him I was calling back. Again the RED FLAGS were flapping!


After I made my report to the Kamloops, BC RCMP, I called him back and he told me he was not ALLOWED to report her missing! (WHAT? They were engaged and living together for MONTHS. Who else would report her missing?)

This is PETER TODD's lame attempt to report Jessie as a missing person in the city where she went missing and it is very interesting (at least, it is in my opinion):


He told me that he was told that I had to make the report. He told me that he was given the number to a 'chief' and was told to give this number to her mother and have her mother report her missing. But this number kept going to voice-mail when I called it over and over,and when I finally called the Metro Las Vegas Police (I got the number from Google), I gave the woman I talked that number, and she told me that number was to a FIRE CHIEF?



So I reported her missing from here. But to do that I had to go to the police station here and show my drivers license to prove who I was, then I had to photocopy it and fax it to the North Las Vegas Police Station.


And when I FINALLY got Yvonne to answer my phone calls . . . well, she lied to me about being Yvonne. She told me I had the wrong number. But I called that number back later, again call blocking my number, but this time I lied to her. This time I 'pretended' to be her friend. Calling her by her nickname, Angel – and go figure, I never had the wrong number that time!! 




Yvonne Hubrechtsen was arrested in Vancouver, BC Canada and deported back to the USA - banned for, I think 5 years from coming back onto Canadian soil. It was the middle to the end of December 2007 and she lied to cross the border into Canada because she was denied entry at a port the day before (so she went to a different one, with a different story - who knows, maybe even a different name/passport). Yvonne was pulled over in a Black Hummer owned by her boyfriend, Richard Barrington Walcott (whose Canadian address that I have found, is 5933 - 137 A Street, Surrey, BC Canada V3X 3K9, home phone: 604-596-2159 / cell phone: 604-724-0006 - his mother is Elaine Walcott who lives at that address) in a 'red light district' (hmmmmmm, let's see - trying find their next 'friend/victim'? I think so, but then, who am I so think anything - I am just the mother of a missing woman with WAAAAAAAAY too much time on her hands?) Here is a newspaper article about this incident: Mom of missing daughter wants to speak with deported woman - Friday, December 21, 2007 by LENA SIN of the Vancouver Province ( I am sending the link to my Jessie news article blog, because the original article is no longer available online, it has just been too long.



Mike Kirkman, from Las Vegas Detectives, the PI we hired when Jessie went missing, found hospital records showing that Jessie was beaten and hospitalized and he also found an escort agency where Jessie was forced to work. Others who worked there saw bruises on her, and it was not just our PI that was told, I was also told the same thing. I talked to several women who knew Jessie back in 2005 /2006 (she was kept in Las Vegas from May 2005 to March 2006), they knew her as Taylor, but many knew her. And the ones I talked, including the manager, told me Jessie often had bruises on her and that Jessie was too afraid to leave . . . too afraid of her so-called 'fiancé', Peter Todd (known to the police, including the VICE squad in Las Vegas, as a violent pimp with an conviction for spousal about), to leave.


Jessie Foster ( she was reported missing by me (her mom) in April 2006, to the North Las Vegas Police Department. Jessie ( has since been on America's Most Wanted ( twice as a possible victim of a highway / truck driver / serial killer along with 3 other women who went missing from Las Vegas ( Lindsay Marie Harris (see below for the story about Jessie & Lindsay, by Abigail Goldman with the Las Vegas Sun); Jodi Marie Brewer; & Misty Marie Saens. The problem is, all her belongings also went missing when Jessie did, so it has never made sense to me how anyone came to that conclusion. Well, other than she looked similar to Lindsay Harris and their 'stories' are similar about their background: family life, boyfriend / fiancé / pimp, prostitution / disappearance. And they are, but all Lindsay's belongs and also Jodi and Misty's belonging were where they were left when the women left their homes that last time. WHERE ARE JESSIE'S THINGS? Remember: Jessielived with Peter Todd . . . rather, was engaged to Peter Todd . . . and lived with him and his twin brother, James Andrew Todd (who works for the LV or NLV school district . . . yes, a known pimp's brother works with the kids in his community - and who moved out of the house he shared with Peter & Jessie on April 15, 2006 - WHY? He won't answer me when I ask. I know he is not completely happy with what his brother does, but then, he lived off him at 1009 Cornerstone Place, NLV). I have personally spoken to Peter Todd and James Todd myself and have communicated a few emails with Donald Vaz. And most recently, Yvonne Hubrechtsen has left me a message in our guestbook ( on our website. 


There are tens of thousands of people who have followed Jessie's case in the news and on the internet. Thousands of people who love Jessie like a daughter, sister & friend. The prayers for Jessie are constant - every day from everywhere around this world.


On March 29, 2011 it will be 5 years since Jessie's sister Crystal last spoke to her younger sister. It was on March 29, 2006 at approximately 12:00AM that our family lost all contact with my daughter Jessie. 






The amount of things happening here in Canada with human trafficking and with Jessie's case pretty much now the poster child for human trafficking in our home country. Right now I will concentrate on the most important things that have happened just in 2010 and 2011, directly regarding what I have been doing in Jessie's name and to bring forth human trafficking awareness in Canada, and what is being done here to try to put a stop to it. 


I am very proud of everything I have done, and I am very proud that because the hard work by myself and so many others in the 5 years since Jessie disappeared, human trafficking is no longer in the 'closet'. It is no longer considered a 3rd world issue, or a mystery TV show. Now, TV shows are loosely basing their episodes on stories the writers heard in the news.




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