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Sex and organ trafficking are the most common form of trafficking in the country. Violence related with crack consumption and organized crime was reported, as well. The high number of cases found related to organ trafficking comes after an investigation that started in the Calderon Guardia Hospital and some private clinics in the capital. Victims were paid $20,000 for kidneys, which is illegal in Costa Rica

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Comment by KL on December 12, 2013 at 8:34pm

Jeff - I would not be surprised by either of these things.  And tragically both types of trafficking industry are likely to get much larger and more profitable.  There is zero incentive for the Costa Rican authorities to turn off the spigot of "fast money" through these enterprises.  Trafficking in young girls for prostitution has been going on in Mexico for a long time ... young girls are duped into leaving villages in Central America, then thrown into exploitation in Mexico.  It's harsh and brutal.  From the perspective of the criminals, it is completely logical to extend their human trafficking into Costa Rica because of the huge influx of US tourists - supply meets demand.  Likewise, "medical tourism" has been a popular thing for Americans going to Costa Rica ... therefore Yes the demand for organ transplants must also be growing.  The world is getting to be a pretty ugly and amoral place - "anything goes as long as money flows". 

However, visitors to Costa Rica need to be cognizant of the fact that growth in illegal trafficking equates to a growth in the direct presence of high-profile drug cartels and crime syndicates.  This is no longer a destination where you can be entirely "footloose and fancy free".  Recent reports on this Web page bear this out.

KL, Los Angeles

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