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How much more do we need to endure and how many more need to go through this blind?

I am sitting here after a long day or working thinking to myself in frustration simply... Why? Typically I have always been a positive and optimistic person and never thought of asking myself that question since I my belief is strong in a thought that everyone has the ability to attempt a "rebuild" of their life when bad things occur... However, sitting through my first Christmas not only without my father to call or write to but having the reason I can't do those things not be because of natural causes or bad cell phone reception and simply because no one in our government decided it was a priority to search for him when they actually had a good chance at finding him. Every holiday for the rest of my life and my families life as well as multiple other families we have to sit and look at an empty seat and even for most of us have no type of closure on where our loved one are. Now, as if it is not hard enough to keep a smile on our faces we hear of more families that are dealing with the SAME situation, people just simply vanish with no answers in crowded parks, busy beaches and other places where someone just should be able to answer more then anyone is or is willing to. Now sitting here thinking of how hard Christmas was and how bad New Years is going to be I see that we have another fellow American at age 28 has disappeared on Christmas in Honduras yet again with no answers, good reasons or anything that would remotely make sense. When is it time for our government, more specially the ACS department, to realize or at least admit that there IS a problem? To everyone who doesn't have someone that should be here with them, to everyone that is missing someone without an answer to why please try your best (as we are) to enjoy the New Year and hope that in 2010 we can be a strong enough group all united with the same hope that we can get the people who should care and the people who should be responsible caring and being responsible about this problem!

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Comment by Vanessa I. on February 4, 2010 at 10:05am
Sigh. It breaks my heart to know what you've been going through, Joe. I'm still and always will be here for you. <3 We will find the answers one day... keep the hope. <3 big hug

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