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Honduran Officials Court Cruise Lines in Wake of Violence Against Tourists, Murder of Cruise Employee on Roatan

Cruise Law News reports that the president of Honduras -- accompanied by Congressman Jerry Hynds, who represents the Bay Islands of Honduras, which includes the popular tourist destinations of Roatan and Utila -- traveled to Miami to meet with cruise line officials.

President Juan Orlando Hernandez posted on his FaceBook page: "Este día ha sido muy productivo, después de una reunión con 2 empresas de Cruceros en Miami, donde definimos incrementar el número de turistas a Honduras."

Cruise Law's translation: "he had a productive day in Miami after meeting with two cruise lines in an effort to increase the number of tourists cruising to Honduras."

Roatan has been in the cruise-news after a rash of violent crimes against Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise passengers this year who were attacked by armed robbers. A Norwegian Cruise Lines crew member was murdered by a criminal from Coxen Hole, near Roatan's port.

Roatan is on Cruise Law's list of the top 10 most dangerous cruise destinations this year. 

Below are links to some of Cruise Law's recent reporting:

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Cruise Law News is published by Jim Walker, a maritime who once represented cruise lines in suits filed by passengers and crew members. In recent years, he has specialized in representing plaintiffs seeking redress against cruise lines.

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