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Help to get my sons reported by CNN / HLN - Nancy Grace

Please help get my sons and the WATKINS MISSING CHILDREN story on Nancy Grace’s - Find 50 People in 50 Days: <--(Press LINK & Hit Recommend on CNN)


My sons were abducted almost 2-years ago on March 6, 2009 by their non-custodial mother with assistance with her father.  Canadian Police just went public and confirmed that a Canceled Passport was used by the non-custodial mother to abduct the children into the United States then to Europe.  Here is the Police and a News report link:


York Regional Police (YRP): Media Press Release January 20, 2011


GLOBAL NATIONAL NEWS: Reported on January 28, 2011


I have posted much information about my sons in the comments below each of my iReport links provided below including letters sent and received by the Prime Mininster of Canada just before his meeting with the United States President. <--(Press LINK & Hit Recommend on CNN)


This story is important to American's as the well documented International Child Abduction of my sons into the United States and then into Europe has shown a major Border Security issue which the Untied States and Canada does NOT want the public to know. As my documents have confirmed that there are NO "Exit Strategy Controls", between Canada and the United States and then the Untied States to Europe, anyone who's Passport has been "Canceled" / Revoked" by either of our nations due to a criminal conviction or thorough State/Provincial Enforcement Measures can just exit and leave the country or Canada or the United States as the Border Services are NOT electronically checking peoples passports. I believe there is only a visual check to see if passports photos match the holder and if the passport is not expired by the date.


As I need the coverage to find my missing / abducted sons, I also want to make the people in both our nations aware of this situation as there has been a 40% increase in International Child Abductions from North America in the last 2-years.   


Here are my iReports for you to review:

(Press LINK & Hit Recommend on each of the CNN page) 

(Music Video – Watkins Missing Children)

(Press Release - Letter to Prime Minister of Canada)

(Music Video - Christmas Wish - I BELIEVE - )

 (Music Video - Daddy's Message to Missing Sons)


Best Regards,


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Comment by Stephen Watkins on February 21, 2011 at 12:42am


Thank you for your comments. Its been 23-months now since my children were illegally abducted by their non-custodial mother.  The Police here just went public after 22-months.  Its been a struggle to get this info out to media. They are having a hard time believing it even though I have supporting documents from the government and police to show what has happened. If any members have contact to media in the U.S., I am trying to get this story told.  I will be doing my first LIVE interview on March 8, 2011 on CanadaAM, which is Canada's most watched morning show.  I am hopping to get coverage on CNN / HLN so that my sons case gets exposure so they can be found along with the issues of the Border Security.  US and CANADA needs to implement an "Exit Strategy Controls" in order for people not to cross borders on a "Canceled" passport or get on airlines without passports FIRST being electronically checked by border security. If anyone here has access or knows someone in the media, please help me get in contact with them or tell them about my story. Thank you and your members for having me on your site.

Best Regards, Stephen Watkins 

Comment by Jeff Dunsavage on February 21, 2011 at 12:20am

Stephen: Count us in on your campaign. Your situation is heartbreaking in itself, and it speaks to a major gap in policy that needs to be filled.



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