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Group of 30-40 Tourists Attacked in Costa Rica

A group of between 30 and 40 foreign tourists were assaulted at gunpoint yesterday morning as they made their way to an area hotel by boat in Tortuguero, Limon, police officials confirmed. According to Edwin Miranda of the Fuerza Publica, the group was traveling by river in a boat to a hotel in Tortuguero when a speedboat intercepted them.  Four armed men then boarded the boat in which they were traveling, stripping the tourists of their belongings, passports, and cash.

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Comment by KL on December 11, 2013 at 6:21pm

well there you go Jeff.  I've been taking a look through ALL the reports on your Web page starting back from the beginning.  And including the news article above on Costa Rica.  And sure enough - a pattern is starting to emerge.  Costa Rica ... who would have thought it?  I will discuss it with security professionals that I work with.  But the essential point is that there are patterns in these mishaps and disappearances, and they can be spotted by experienced eyes.  People don't realize what's going on without collecting all the evidence, or a good portion of it.  cheers, KL, Los Angeles

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