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Delays in Medical Care (Due to Credit Card Rejection) Lead to Tourist's Unnecessary Amputation in Costa Rica

The German Embassy in Costa Rica has stated that delays in receiving healthcare for a tourist in Costa Rica caused her to suffer the amputation of her right arm.

The incident  occurred on December 14, 2012, when the German Evelyn Jurgensen, 23 years old, was vacationing in Santa Teresa de Cóbano, Puntarenas. According to the note, the girl and her boyfriend had an accident on an ATV and she suffered “multiple open fractures.”

The German Embassy said the Malpais Emergency asked for $8,000 for transport by helicopter, but the girl’s boyfriend’s credit card was rejected, so two hours later, they were taken to Ebais Cóbano.

"(Then) the two tourists were taken in another ambulance to Paquera, and from there in a boat ambulance to Puntarenas (…). After another ambulance, the young girl finally arrived on December 15th, at approximately 5:45 am, at Hospital Mexico in San Jose, “the letter said.

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