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Canadian Murdered While Boating in Honduras; Daughter Rescued

A Canadian tourist was murdered after a gang of men swarmed his small yacht in Honduras, but relatives said his daughter managed to escape the assailants unharmed. Milan Egrmajer, 58, was shot and killed in front of his daughter Myda, 24, on Thursday night aboard his sailing yacht Adena as it lay anchored in a small cove on the Caribbean coast of northern Honduras. Myda called Honduran authorities soon after her father was killed, but police lost contact with her and feared for her safety. But Kelly Wilson, Myda's uncle, told that she was rescued by a passing ship not long after the attack. "She was picked up by an Australian pleasure craft and they're taking her to Belize," he said in a telephone interview from his home in Nova Scotia. "Physically, she's fine -- she's unharmed."Read full article.

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