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Arpaio Says No to Mexico Travel. How About Honduras?

A blog post in "Arpaio Says No to Mexico Travel. How About Honduras?"

While I know the suggestion is made with tongue firmly planted in cheek as a reference to a junket the sheriff's team apparently made to Roatan on the Arizona taxpayer's dime, Honduras IS being heavily promoted as a tourism destination and precious little media attention is being paid to the tourists and expats (as well as journalists and local citizens) disappearing and being murdered down there.

Please research your travel plans thoroughly, file an itinerary with the embassy, maintain regular contact with friends and family back home, and make sure you have left someone with a durable power of attorney so your family will not have to struggle with your affairs in the event that you disappear like the men we reference so frequently in this community. I speak with love and concern from hard-won experience related to my brother's disappearance from Roatan last year and the experience of the other families of missing men I have been working with in the year since.

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