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A National Campaign on Behalf of Missing Americans & Their Families

It is time. Let's use the sad anniversary of David Gimelfarb's disappearance in Costa Rica to kick off a national campaign on behalf of missing Americans and their families. Ron Scheepstra of Texas, Joe Dunsavage of New Jersey, David Gimelfarb of Illinois, Richard Alicea and Edwin Pritchard of Florida, Leo Finley of Missouri -- and all the others we don't know about -- must not have been lost in vain. Let's use this occasion to contact our Senators and Representatives by whatever means we have to demand that they go on record as supporting the interests of missing Americans and their families and that they will work with the Missing Americans Project (and any other missing Americans organizations that care to be associated with the effort) to improve the rapid response capabilities for these situations and to address the financially draining bureaucratic hoops the families of the missing must go through.

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