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73-Year-Old American Assaulted, Shot in His Costa Rica Vacation Home

Gary Lee, a 73 year-old U.S. citizen from Yuma, Arizona, was brutally attacked and shot when intruders burst into his vacation home in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.  Lee has owned the vacation home for six years. Lee told his story to KYMA News 11, a local television station in Yuma.  Lee said he was sound asleep when the intruders burst into his home, pistol whipped him, and ultimately shot him in the leg.

“It scared me to death, they burst through that door with all sorts of noise and jumped right on top of me,” Lee told News 11, adding he has suffered nightmares ever since the attack.

Lee said the intruders shot him when he attempted to get up to defend himself.  The gunshot broke his femur, which had to be fused back together. Lee said he believes that a caretaker who had quit earlier the same day was behind the attack.

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