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Dave Seminara: Update on David Gimelfarb's Disappearance in Costa Rica

Dave Seminara is one of the few journalists paying serious, continuing attention to the issue of people who go missing abroad. Please take a moment to read his blog post, updating his earlier feature on the disappearance of Chicago-area doctoral student David Gimelfarb in Costa Rica in 2009.

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Comment by KL on December 10, 2013 at 8:30pm

Unfortunately, the Gimelfarb's appear to have been the victims of a Remote Call Kidnapping crime - which is really a form of extortion since the criminals do not have the actual victim.  Calls are often made from prisons, but can be from other locations.  It is terribly upsetting to families and relatives who are holding out hope of recovering a loved one.  Family members should obtain a private negotiator - or work through an established law enforcement agency like the FBI - and remember that "proof of life" is a very important step before considering ANY demand for money.  KL, Los Angeles

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