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This Time It's Dubai -- ANOTHER U.S. Citizen Held Without Due Process Abroad

U.S. citizen Zack Shahin has been held for 4 years in "pre-trial detention" in Dubai. Amid allegations of corruption against various directors and officers of the company he'd previously worked for, Shahin has been  singled out as having participated in draining the company of equity. He has been imprisoned without trial by the Dubai Government under inhumane conditions for over four years, suffering violations of his due process rights under the laws of Dubai. Although various charges have been filed, no resolution of any of them has taken place. Some cases have even been dismissed on the eve before trial, just when Shahin was about to present his defense to the claims against him.


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Zack's case is neither unique nor isolated; it represents a small part of a gaping hole in U.S. State Department policy that paints a big red target on the back of every U.S. citizen who travels or lives abroad. Please follow the link above, read about Zack's case, and, if you feel so moved, contact your senators to demand that they press the Secretary of State to take meaningful action on Zack's behalf.

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