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"Come Home" by Kyra Simone, Dedicated to Michael Dixon & Supporting the Search for Missing Persons

U.K. journalist Michael Dixon disappeared in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, in October 2009. His family continues to search and have attracted worldwide support for their efforts. This song by Kyra Simone is dedicated to Michael, but it very well expresses the feelings of families and friends of the missing. It will go on sale on i-Tunes March 13, 2011, and proceeds will support search efforts for Michael and other missing-persons organizations. Please listen, share, and purchase the song if you…


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Search Goes on for American Missing in Iraq

Ahmed Kousay al-Taie, a resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan who was born in Iraq, is the only American service member still missing here. His family fears he will never be found. Kidnappings of foreigners and Iraqis for ransom or political motives were common as the insurgency gained steam after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. Many cases have been resolved as security has improved. Tips… Continue

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Family of Arturo Aviles - Missing in Mexico Since November - Interviewed on KPRC

Here's the story Nice job, Adriana -- which sister appears with you?

This is not just another TV spot -- it is the first coverage Arturo's story and the Missing Americans Project have received in a major media market. Coverage like this increases the likelihood of our receiving national coverage. It's also huge because it is the first story to link one of our missing-person stories…


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Nancy Davis Was Fleeing Cartel Gunmen

Missionary Nancy Davis and her husband were fleeing drug cartel gunmen when she was fatally shot. Read the full story.

Related articles:

U.S. Consulate issues statement…


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KRGV: Murdered Woman Was Missionary Nancy Davis

Nancy Davis -- who spent more than 40 years as a missionary in Mexico --  was killed when she and her husband were attacked by armed gunmen about 70 miles south of Reynosa. The couple sped to the border looking for help, but it was too late for Nancy, according to KRGV TV in Texas.…


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KRGV: Woman Shot in the Head in Mexico Gets to U.S. Alive

Not many details. Here's the story. Will keep you posted.

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Tiffany Hartley - Wife of Man Murdered on Falcon Lake - Interviewed

It's been almost four months since David Hartley was murdered while jet skiing with his wife, Tiffany, on a lake that straddles the Texas/Mexico border. Today, with no body and few answers, Tiffany Hartley continues her search, but has yet to learn what really happened. Tiffany was recently interviewed on the CBS "Early Show". You can read about it and watch the interview here.

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Fisherman Shot on Falcon Lake

According to this story on KRGV in Texas, a fisherman was hit by a stray bullet on the same lake where David Hartley of Colorado was murdered while jet skiing with his wife Tiffany. David's body and the jet ski were never found, and the investigation into his murder… Continue

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KRGV: More Travelers Flying to Avoid Dangerous Mexican Roads

A lack of tourists from across the border prompted McAllen, Tex., officials at the McAllen-Miller International Airport and GID Express to offer round trip flights to Mexico, according to this story from KRGV.

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Missing in Mexico: Pastor Jesus Falcon & Family

A Belizean pastor, the Rev. Jesús Falcon, a volunteer missionary visiting Monterrey, has been reported missing in Mexico. He travelled to the City of Monterrey on Dec. 14 to visit family for the Christmas holidays. Reports say he was met by his mother, Roalva Falcon Asevedo and his stepfather, Arueo Cervantez. All three have disappeared.…


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Missing in Honduras: Julio Martin Baltodano

I just happened to be looking at the "missing Americans" page of the U.S. Embassy in Honduras website (the sort of thing I do with my copious spare time) and learned about another missing man: Julio Martin Baltodano. Missing date: November 13, 2008. This is the second missing American to be "backfilled" on the well-buried page since I started looking at it in May 2009. Some of you may remember the story…


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Arturo Aviles Story Gets More Coverage on KRGV

Here's the story. Please share widely.


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Police in Texas Find 15 AK-47s on the Way to Mexico

When police in Texas stopped a truck, the two Mexican men inside appeared nervous. The police also suspected the gas tank had been tampered-with. They removed one of two tanks and found 15 AK-47s crammed inside. Several other rifles had been taken apart and stuffed in the false tank. … Continue

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Needed: Houston-Area Journalists to Cover Missing-Persons Story

Looking for a reporter in the Houston, Tex., market who is interested in covering an emerging story about a family trying to find out what happened to their husband/father/grandfather, who disappeared in Matamoros, Mexico, in November. Not only interesting from the perspective of human interest but for all the practical complications and issues, as well as the indifference of the U.S. government to the plight of these families and the lack of standard operating procedures in the consulates for… Continue

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51 Dead in Mexico Drug Violence Over the Weekend

Read the article.

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12-Year-Old Georgia Girl Believed Abducted & Taken to Mexico

Investigators believe a missing 12-year-old girl was taken to Mexico by a 20-year-old man. Isabeth Yanez was last seen at home a week ago and was reported missing by her parents last Tuesday morning.On Monday, the Sheriff's Office said it believes Simon Quintana Guiterrez took Isabeth to a city near Acapulco. Now investigators are working with Mexican authorities, the U.S. Marshals Service and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.



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KGRV in Texas Gives MAP More Visibility

For the third time in as many days, KRGV has given prominent play to the Missing Americans Project. Once again, on behalf of all our families -- especially those with loved ones missing in Mexico -- we… Continue

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8 Dead in Honduras Bus Attack; 7 Killed in Similar Attack in Guatemala

An attack on a bus in Honduras claimed the lives of eight passengers including four children. The attack was carried out late Thursday in the eastern Honduran province of Olancho, near the town of Punare. Attackers tried to get the bus to stop, and when they failed they opened fire on the vehicle with automatic weapons. The vehicle was riddled with bullets.

Earlier this week, an attack on a bus in Guatemala killed seven people…


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15 bodies found in Acapulco, Mexico

Fifteen bodies, all but one of them decapitated, were found early on Saturday in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco, local media reported. The victims, all male, were discovered at dawn near a shopping mall along with several, threatening hand-written messages that are typically left as a calling card by drug cartels.The tourist destination of Acapulco has been plagued in recent years with drug violence as the country's cartels fight for drug transport routes.… Continue

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