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Why Are Men Disappearing in Latin America and the Caribbean? And Why Does No One in Authority Seem to Care?

The recent disappearances of high-school valedictorian August Reiger in Baños, Ecuador, andArmando Torres, a U.S. Marine, in Matamoros, Mexico, have begun bringing attention to an underreported problem that has become a…


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Costa Rica - 3 Years On - Family Refuses To Give Up Search For Missing Journalist

Three years after his disappearance in Costa Rica and the Dixon family is no nearer to finding out what happened to their son.

Michael was last seen leaving his hotel in Tamarindo, Costa Rica on 18 October 2009.The British and Costa Rican response to the incident has been bugged by incompetence and false hope from start to end.

The Foreign Office did not tell the…


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Project Update

Been very busy of late, and am really grateful for the people who have been keeping active and engaged. Special thanks to Julie Jones for staying on top of missing persons news and forwarding relevant cases and doing outreach where she believes K9 search and rescue resources can be of assistance, and to …


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British Government Calls for Costa Rican Govt to Increase Co-operation Over Missing Journalist

From The London Daily News

If the Brits and the Costa Ricans would just work together instead of constantly finding fault with each other in the media, maybe the Dixon family could get some peace!

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Murders of Tourists Renew Question of Insecurity in Costa Rica

The cold blooded murder of an Argentinian tourist on Thursday in the beaches of Costa Rica has again raised the question of insecurity and safety for tourism in the Central American country, which receives every year more than 2 million visitors. Carolina Silva, 29, who was shot in the head in Playa Samara by two criminals to steal her laptop, is joined by the death of a young American who was shot by a hotel security guard earlier this month, when he tried to sneak in after…


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BBC Spot on People Who Disappear Abroad

Please watch and share widely.This is the first major media attention the broad issue has received. Very important to build awareness.

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COME HOME -- Song Dedicated to Michael Dixon, Missing in Costa Rica -- Available for Download

From the Dixon family:

The song COME HOME dedicated to Michael Dixon is now available for download from this link:

UK residents can also purchase the song by texting TRACK COMEHOME to 80818 or text TRACK COMEHOME M to 80818 for Direct-to-Mobile download.…


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"Come Home" by Kyra Simone, Dedicated to Michael Dixon & Supporting the Search for Missing Persons

U.K. journalist Michael Dixon disappeared in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, in October 2009. His family continues to search and have attracted worldwide support for their efforts. This song by Kyra Simone is dedicated to Michael, but it very well expresses the feelings of families and friends of the missing. It will go on sale on i-Tunes March 13, 2011, and proceeds will support search efforts for Michael and other missing-persons organizations. Please listen, share, and purchase the song if you…


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Another North American Reported Missing in Costa Rica

Kim Paris, a 33-year-old Canadian woman, is the latest ex-pat to disappear in Costa Rica, according to A.M. Costa Rica. The woman, who lives in Santa Teresa de Cóbano de Puntarenas, disappeared Aug. 26, judicial agents in Costa Rica said. U.S. citizen, Roger Peter Biennvennu, 64, has been missing since early July. He lives in Barrio Quebradas, San Isidro de Peréz Zeledón. According to A.M. Costa Rica, Kim is the fifth expat to disappear in the…


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Would More U.S. Interest in Holloway Case Have Prevented Flores' Murder?

Call me obsessive. I don't care. Five years ago, the Natalee Holloway disappearance was, in my mind, just another media feeding frenzy masquerading as journalism. Now I ask: for all the attention the case got, how much interest did the U.S. government take in the plight of a missing (likely murdered) U.S. citizen and her family?

Five years since, and families of the missing are still left on their own to invent the wheel when a loved one disappears outside their country's borders. It…


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Arpaio Says No to Mexico Travel. How About Honduras?

A blog post in "Arpaio Says No to Mexico Travel. How About Honduras?"

While I know the suggestion is made with tongue firmly planted in cheek as a reference to a junket the sheriff's team apparently made to Roatan on the Arizona taxpayer's dime, Honduras IS being heavily promoted as a tourism destination and precious little media attention is being paid to the tourists and expats (as well as…


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Goodbye, Joe

On Mother's Day 2009, my brother disappeared after leaving the beach on the West End of Isla de Roatan, Honduras. I didn't know at the time that a month earlier, almost to the day, Ron Scheepstra had disappeared from Xcalak, Mexico, a remote village on the Yucatan Peninsula close enough to Roatan for Ron and his fishing buddies to be using Roatan tide charts. Over the next few months, more men would disappear in Central America and the Caribbean: Alex Humphrey, in Panama; David Gimelfarb in…


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Massachusetts Man Murdered in Costa Rica

John Joseph Scibeck died while staying at a little villa in Playa Potrero, not far from Tamarindo, where Michael Dixon, Craig Snell, and Brendan Dobbins disappeared. He was found face up on the side of a desolate road, less than a mile from the beaches of Playa Potrero and had been asphyxiated. Costa Rica police say they are investigating the death as a homicide.…


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Reasons for Hope

The first thing Leo Finley's friend, Lori Young, asked me was, "Do you ever find anyone alive?"

Man! My first thought was: "My God! She thinks we're a bunch of professionals doing this!"

I had to answer her honestly, that in our extensive experience of less than a year, we've had few, if any, happy endings. There were the girls in Ecuador, but we weren't really involved in that;… Continue

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Costa Rica Paper: Gimelfarb & Dixon Only Most Recent Young Men to Disappear

According to A.M. Costa Rica, David Gimelfarb and Michael Dixon are only the most recent young male tourists to vanish in the vicinity.

The newspaper report says Craig Snell was last seen walking on the beach south of Tamarindo (which is where Michael Dixon was last seen). Snell had lived the past five years in Ostional and was described as well liked. Snell left his computer on when he departed his home in Ostional, as well… Continue

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Help Find Michael Dixon

We don't know much at this point except that Michael Dixon vanished on Oct. 19 in Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica, about 50 miles from where David Gimelfarb disappeared.

Here's the timeline as we know it right now:

October 15 Michael gets a bag stolen close to La Fortuna and he loses his phone charger

October 18 Michael checks into the Villas Macondo (… Continue

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