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I think we should discuss the best way to spread the word and help get this publicity. Send the letters and the articles about you friends to all the media.


Any ideas/ we can't just sit here and do nothing for these missing people.



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Thanks, Geri. We need to focus our energies on places where we can have immediate impact. Two of our biggest problems have been gaining media attention for these cases and getting the State Department to recognize that there is a problem and that they have a role to play in fixing it. Immediate (help find people and advocate for the families) and long term (educate and lobby for changes in how our governments deal with these cases, establishing standard operating procedures where they don't exist, revising them where they're ineffective, removing unhelpful regulations).

Very soon I will be blasting out an e-mail to the MAP community proposing and seeking involvement in some very specific campaigns on a state-by-state and regional basis. I see you're in Florida - could I ask you to "own" Florida for these purposes? (Don't answer now - I will follow up with an e-mail to let you know exactly what "owning" a state means).

Thanks so much for your interest and energy. We need people to become passionately involved.

Hi Geri,

I do agree with you that something needs to be done. But unfortunately, what it is going to take for us to be able to make a difference to the mass of missing people, is to get involved with a case that has the propensity of having media, for whatever reason. While it disturbs me for knowing this, let alone saying it, the ordinary citizen who goes missing whose family doesn't have 'connections', will quietly disappear from any media resource.

We need to have a 'break out' case, one that will make us in the world of missing people and SAR, a 'household name'. A perfect example of this is Texas Equusearch (TES). From getting into the Aruba Search, they can now virtually get into about any search based on this search.

Please do not equate my writings here as a endorsement of TES, the way they started, what and how they operate, and some of their resources used and not used ... I am strictly referring to the marketing. But ALSO to consider is that they went to Aruba.

While any letter writing campaign, etc., won't hurt, it is going to take some way for MAP to do something that is 'hands on' and tangible, associated with a missing person's case. It needs to be documented and again tangible for the very least, for people to after-the-fact, to be able to use that which we have done, for future reference.

I will add that I did mention to Jeff that one thing that I would think about getting involved and helping a citizen from another country who goes missing in OUR country which will be advangeous for numerous ways, Besides the obvious of potentially being a great help to the missing person AND the family of the missing loved one, who knows more about the pain and suffering than Jeff and his family? He knows how hard it is to try and get local help for the immediate search, let alone any governmental help. This would also, sadly to say, help with what I was referring to above, get MAP's name out there. Then those that are HERE on MAP, could band together and do the work.

I invite you to contact me privately so that I can elaborate on this as well as what I wrote earlier, because as it appears, what I said, seems so insincere and that I am doing this for the wrong reason. This can be no further from the truth - it's from my years of having a specialty resource and having and going through this experience. But I don't want to monopolize this forum.


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